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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities   


The Incubator offers endless possibilities of collaboration as regards the business partnerships. Everything depends on the creativity, the needs and the requirements of each member.

Once you have subscribed in the Incubator, you have the possibility to post business plans or different projects in order to obtain the necessary financial founds. You can offer consulting services, or you can receive business consultancy if you request it. If you have a big business or a smaller one or just a business idea, if you conceive projects, post them, and let the business grow.

The Incubator offers a great variety of possibilities because it facilitates the search in the great diversity of international business. Because the incubation process takes place in an international environment, all connections which are formed between members may offer new opportunities, new niches which can not be found easily in the local environment. 

Considering that … 


... At the starting of a business many people are tempted to see first of all the obstacles than the chances of success. Here we are talking about a certain maturity in making business. Certain business opportunities may appear, but it is better for you to create them by yourself.

Make sure


If you have information as regards a possible business opportunity and this is reliable, it is a good reason to start working and developing the idea. The efforts of developing the opportunities will be rewarded with achievements.

business customized toolsCustomized Tools 


We show you the extant methods which will be used as tools in order to achieve your objectives:

» Business plan                      
» Funding Request                  
» Funding Offer                       
» Consulting Request              
» Consulting Offer