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The Incubator started its activity in 2010, being specialized in management services, marketing and business consulting. The project which has been led to the birth of WWBI is an ambitious one, emerged from the initiative of some business people with different specializations, people who gathered their knowledge in order to design all the existing services within the Incubator. You will find in the Incubator consulting services for starting and developing your business. In this manner WWBI develops businesses, projects, gathers offers and request of funding and also offers and requests in consulting.

The basic principle of this incubator consists in the fact that here can take shape any problem, intent, or initiative of business people. This is the place where if you want to develop your own business using your own idea you can do it. You can materialize your ideas realizing some business proposal which can generate in the future new partnerships. 

Obviously it is a beneficial environment for conceiving business proposals.
Another principle which stays at the base of WWBI activity is to help those who want to improve and develop their existing business proposals in the most professional and transparent manner. The reason of this way of thinking is that partnerships will appear faster when you create a transparent, attractive, professional, valid, properly motivated proposal which is well – sustained with necessary informations and arguments.

Services design


The conceiving of the services within the Incubator was a difficult task because each area approached by the Incubator is large and the use of the services is different from one area to another. So, the team was facing a complex task, which was finally accomplished with a lot of work as long as we describe in detail the execution of every service.

Services strategy


The services are independent, but they are conceived in a manner which allows them to work in correlation. In the conception process of each service was necessary to introduce a lot of flexible, creative elements which can adapt to any kind of situation. Because we want to put on the first place the initiative, the adaptability and the willingness of each member we leave up to those who will use our services to decide what suits their needs.



Our resources are really our gathered experience. Gathering specialists from different areas such as: finance, marketing, management, real estates, investments, production, architecture, agriculture and many other areas gives us courage and trust in the existing services.

Our team’s motto is: "Everything can be improved so that you should be satisfied with the results, but you need patience"



The present team exists for ten years and this is the result of a tight collaboration between specialists from different areas. Following the evolution of different services throughout the history, it has been proven that the success of a business consulting depends heavily from the build-up of the partnerships.

The experience of our consultants have been materialized in strategic partnerships realized until now in Japan, India, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Spain, Mexico, U.K., China, Australia, Russia, Morocco, UAE. In this situation appears the desire to found an Incubator where all services can be gathered with one purpose.

Taking account of the desire of businessman to realize partnerships, this purpose has been materialized in an international business environment through the conceiving, development, classification and promotion of the business proposals.

In 2010, this common desire come alive and has been found the World Wide Business Incubator [WWBI].

The first solutions offered by WWBI refer to the development of the existing businesses by establishing partnerships. These services were diversified over time with new methods of strategic approach, so the implementation of a partnership can be possible in any situation.

We consider that partnerships have the aim to increase the potential of each business but also their aim is to find new solutions for problems, dilemmas encountered in the process of conceiving and ongoing of any business.



» The constant desire to diversify the services;
» To find solution for our clients;
» Creating and strengthening partnerships;
» Promoting and supporting opportunities;
» Encouraging business initiatives;
» Providing quality and loyalty to our members.



Our mission is to adjust ceaselessly to the demands of our members and to be sensitive to any questions of the members. As long as we realized that the adjustment should be considered as a cornerstone in our work we decided to use a growth management to obtain the latest information from many areas to be able to offer to the members of the Incubator the best services with constantly updated information. Our strategic priority is to set up an international network of communication in business.